Melbourne Waterproofing Services

  • 20 years’ of industry experience
  • 7 years’ guarantee
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We are Fully Licensed in Waterproofing – Including Balcony, Shower and Bathroom Waterproofing in Melbourne

Strategic Tiling is licensed to carry out all external and internal waterproofing to comply with Australian standards. Waterproofing is a critical part of ensuring that a background is securely protected from water damage. This is a vital component of a quality bathroom renovation, balcony or shower waterproofing within Melbourne. If you require leaking balcony repairs or shower repairs we are qualified to correct underlying water drainage. Waterproofing these areas reduces the structural damage risks that occur due to deterioration and mould from water leaks. Strategic Tiling can also apply trafficable waterproofing membranes (strengthened with fibreglass matting) to walkways.

Strategic Tiling includes the following in our Melbourne waterproofing services: Screeding (levelling of the floor) of shower bases, balconies and other areas to ensure water will correctly drain. We can re-sheet the walls before the application of waterproofing membranes which need to dry and cure. In between coats of waterproofing membrane, Strategic Tiling applies a waterproof poly fiber cloth to all main junction joints 80-100 mm up the wall between the adjoining floor and walls. We also apply industrial waterproof seals. All regrouting has waterproof additives to enhance water resistance. As a result, water does not weaken or pull the grout, adhesives, and seals and your home is safe from water damage.

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We are Qualified to Offer the Following Solutions for Melbourne Waterproofing

  • A thorough water leak detection assessment prior to commencement of any work
  • Removal and replacement of tiles
  • Re-sheeting of bathroom walls
  • Screeding (levelling of floors) to shower bases, balconies and other areas to ensure water will drain correctly before the application of tiles.
  • Licensed application of waterproof membranes to comply with Australian standards
  • Licensed application of a waterproof poly fiber cloth to all main junction joints 80-100 mm up the wall between the adjoining floor to comply with Australian standards
  • Licensed application of industrial waterproof seals to comply with Australian standards
  • Regrouting and sealing of tiles with waterproof additives
  • Application of polyurethane and epoxy adhesive seals as a flexible alternative to grout
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Why Choose us for Your Melbourne Waterproofing?

  • We offer a 7 year guarantee for all our services
  • We have over 20 years experience and are fully qualified in the services we offer
  • We provide a free consultation and quote to all our clients
  • We service the entire city of Melbourne and surrounds
  • We work in both residential and commercial premises
  • We strive to provide the highest quality workmanship, outstanding customer service and reliability which sets us apart from the competition
  • We are respectful in carrying out work in our clients homes and treat their homes as if it were our own. Clean presentable technicians, clean vehicles, and tools and materials required for each job. We provide drop sheets to protect our clients’ homes and furniture
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Specialists In Repairing Leaking Balconies, Leaking Showers And Are Fully Licensed To Apply Waterproof Membranes.
Outdoor, Balcony, Bathroom or Shower Waterproofing Melbourne, VIC

Waterproofing is a crucial process required in wet environments such as balconies, bathrooms and showers. Waterproofing is appropriate for areas both inside and outside of your home to give protection and resistance from water intrusion . It is vital to have these areas waterproofed correctly by licensed trades and to Australian standards. This will reduce the possible risks of costly structural damage that may occur due to water seepage.

At Strategic Tiling, our licensed waterproofers are skilled in the use of waterproofing membranes alongside other associated products. We only recommend and use the highest quality waterproofing products from our approved suppliers. Coupled with our 7 year guarantee on workmanship and our professional service, Strategic Tiling is the smart choice for balcony, shower or bathroom waterproofing Melbourne. For more details on Melbourne waterproofing and how we can help you, contact us today.