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We Provide Leaking Shower Repairs in Melbourne

How much havoc would be caused in your life if you didn’t have a working shower? People treat their showers as their own personal sanctuaries to which they can retire after a long day’s work to freshen up and shed off fatigue.  Even if you don’t see your shower as your place to escape, it still needs to be in working condition. Leaking shower repairs require action before water damage leads to bigger issues. Strategic Tiling can attend to all your shower repairs within Melbourne promptly.  We can also tend to your shower base repairs and general bathroom repairs.

Our professional team at Strategic Tiling understand the importance of fixing leaking shower repairs quickly. A typical repair in Melbourne takes around 3 hours to complete, ensuring the shower will be ready to use the next day. We are fully licensed in waterproofing to Australian standards. This means Strategic Tiling will not only improve the cosmetic appearance of your bathroom, but also correct the underlying potential water leakage which can cause expensive structural damage. Should we find a more serious problem we will assess and give you a free quote detailing the costs before we complete any repair.

Don’t trust repair and tiling companies who offer you short-cuts to fix the problem. These short-term solutions or temporary measures end up costing you far more than you originally expected, as the problem will keep resurfacing and further damaging your shower. Why waste time and money on poor quality materials and inexperienced labour?

At Strategic Tiling we get to the root of the issue to deliver a lasting and complete solution to your problem. That’s why we’re the most reliable name when it comes to leaking shower repairs in Melbourne.

To prevent the reoccurrence of any leakage or potential water damage we offer levelling as part of our service in shower base repairs. Melbourne home owners can save thousands from unnecessary repairs thanks to the Strategic Tiling repair crew. No matter the scope of the bathroom shower repair Melbourne home owners know that they’ll get a competitive price and truly unbeatable service from our team of tiling masters.  

As well as helping to sure up your shower, our team can provide quality solutions for balcony repairs and waterproofing as well as indoor and outdoor tile repair.

So whether you’re searching for quality shower repairs or bathroom tile repair Melbourne residents know that the only name they need to trust is Strategic Tiling. Click here to speak to a member of our team and get a free quote.

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We are Qualified to Offer the Following Solutions for Your Leaking Shower

  • Removal of fungal growth and mould, and any other unwanted guests
  • Precision grout removal and replacement
  • Professional and seamless tile replacement
  • Accurate pressure tests to ensure no unseen leaks occur
  • Use of high-quality sealing materials such as polyurethane and epoxy
  • Use of screeding to ensure level shower bases and bathroom floors
  • Application of waterproof seals and membranes that meet strict Australian standards
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Why Choose us for Your Melbourne Shower Repairs?

  • We have been a leading name in the industry for 20 years
  • Our work comes with a written guarantee
  • We work across Melbourne on bathrooms and balconies of all shapes and sizes
  • We take great care in keeping each property we work in clean and tidy, even in the middle of the repairs
  • We provide work for commercial and residential properties
  • We offer free quotes and consultations to all clients
  • We set the industry standard for quality customer service
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Specialists In Repairing Leaking Balconies, Leaking Showers And Are Fully Licensed To Apply Waterproof Membranes.
How to Identify When You Require a Leaking Shower Repair Melbourne, VIC

The techniques employed by Strategic Tiling for leaking shower repairs within Melbourne will depend on the type and extent of the damage that is being repaired. There are several problems that can result in shower damage and require shower repairs.  All problems need to be addressed and the solution should be designed to last.

Be alert for signs of water leakage in the bathroom.  

What should you look for?

  • Worn or broken seals around the perimeter of the shower.  This allows water to be absorbed into the floor and walls and will eventually cause swelling in the skirting
  • Loose and hollow tiles
  • Cracked tiles
  • Worn out grouting

If any of these become present in your bathroom, especially in your shower, call Strategic Tiling for your shower repairs in Melbourne. We will attend to the leaking shower and assess any existing or potential water damage. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your shower is in safe hands.