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Are You Looking for Tiling Services, Shower Repairs and Leaking Balcony Repairs in Melbourne?

If it’s time to repair your LEAKING BALCONY, repair your LEAKING SHOWER or  even do a full BATHROOM RENOVATION in Melbourne, call Strategic Tiling. We offer high quality, professional results for all types of tiling work. Our friendly tradies are fully licensed in WATERPROOFING SERVICES. Our goal is to achieve reliable, long term tiling solutions that will save you money.


Leaking Balcony Repairs Melbourne

Leaking Balcony Repairs Melbourne

A leaking balcony eventually causes expensive structural damage. We can do your repairs and WATERPROOF your balcony without delay!

Shower Repairs Melbourne

Shower Repairs Melbourne

Your shower is your SANCTUARY! Strategic Tiling can repair your leaking shower in less than 4 hrs and we guarantee our work to prevent further leaks.

Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Strategic Tiling can deliver a high quality, AFFORDABLE bathroom renovation. We are capable of coordinating all trades to achieve your dream bathroom.

Strategic Tiling

How Strategic Tiling can help you …..


We can talk about your repairs or renovation over the phone and give you some great options and approximate pricing to suit your budget.



We can arrange a no obligation free assessment and quote with one of our qualified trades, who will come to your home or site and help you with your individual needs.

Either way, there is no obligation on your behalf and you get the advice and information you need to make an informed decision.

Call Today for a FREE QUOTE – and we’ll be your expert tiling solution!

Strategic Tiling showed up on time, did a wonderful job and I was very pleased with their service. They were confident and very helpful.



Strategic Tiling completed the job on time and would call me to ask questions if anything was changed.  I would  recommend them to anyone.



A standard Strategic Tiling service can leave OUTDOOR TILING refreshed. For areas with severe water damage, call us for a reliable inspection and quote. We are also Melbourne’s expert pool tilers.

Strategic Tiling has a wide range of services and treatments for NATURAL STONE RESTORATION. We can:

  • Clean and polish
  • Buff
  • Seal your natural stone back to it’s original beauty

Sealing gives longer lasting protection against scratches and stains accentuating the natural colour of your stone. We can complete your granite, slate and marble restoration in Melbourne.

Outdoor Tiling Melbourne
Bathroom Renovation Melbourne

Strategic Tiling carries out all external and internal waterproofing. We service all areas of Melbourne and are fully qualified in WATERPROOFING SERVICES.

Membranes are great at ensuring that your background is completely waterproofed. Be it your balcony, shower, and all other wet areas to ensure protection and resistance from leaking water .

Strategic Tiling applies a waterproof poly fiber cloth to all main junction joints 80-100mm up the wall between the adjoining floor and walls. We also apply industrial waterproof polyurethane seals. This will help to establish correct drainage before the application of tiles. The process ensures that draining water does not weaken the seals, grout and adhesives of your tiles.