Balcony Regrouting

  • 20 years’ of industry experience
  • 7 years’ guarantee
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Save money when it comes to waterproofing and improving the style of your home thanks to the cost-effective solutions and services from the team at Strategic Tiling. Having completed high-quality and personalised tiling and grouting works throughout Melbourne for over 20 years we have the knowledge and know-how to help protect your home from the damaging effects of water.

Being constantly exposed to the elements, the balcony of the home can deteriorate at a faster rate than other parts of the building. With our knowledge and qualifications our skilled team can complete bespoke and effective balcony regrouting for an affordable price.

Able to weather the elements our flawless and durable balcony regrouting restores worn and chipped grouting to help create a water resistant seal that acts to stop water seeping through the rest of the property and causing damage.

To keep your home protected from wind and water get in touch with Strategic Tiling today on 0487 435 725.

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Specialists In Repairing Leaking Balconies, Leaking Showers And Are Fully Licensed To Apply Waterproof Membranes.